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Confucious says…………………

confuciusWise words are just that. here are 20 things to help you get through the day.  Tip. Don’t take them toooooooo seriously, or maybe ?????

1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead.  Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow.  Do not walk beside me for the path is narrow.  In fact, just piss off and leave me alone.

Click here to see the rest.

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Mobile app.

Great stuff. I have got the app. Maybe now I’ll  be able to write something every time I need to say something.  Make sense? Hum Blogosphire watch out.
Question: How many off us said we would write on their blog everyday this year?
Be honest now.
Maybe if we can think of a theme or subject to write about then this would help. I will think about this today and will get back later with my daily blog ideas


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My home made mobile computer
Remember when mobile’s where bricks

OK I have been neglect in not keeping up with my Blogging.  Been hard at work, yes, that four letter word has risen its head again.  Work, thought it was a forgotten past time of years gone by, after all I am not getting any younger unlike Cliff?

So new theme and a determination to at least update my Blog at least once a week.  Don’t wait up.

I expect there will some work related blogs and other stuff; probably more ramblings and grumbles. Maybe a funny story pick up from the www or even life, who knows?

Blog Machine
My latest lappy. I know I put my mouse here somewhere
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The Radio Show

Glad to say I have done my second show now and the ”deliberate mistakes” (lol) are getting less. Did a lot of Halloween type music this week. Lots of fun.

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A Nail In The Coffin

Unemployed people in front of a workhouse in L...
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What idiots we have in charge of us, I refer to Macaroon and his side kick Garibaldi.  They have come up with the plan that if they reduce the income for the unemployed and families it will force these people out to get a job.

What Jobs!!!

They are even advertising in the job centre for Avon reps.  Which are amongst the few jobs that are available around here.  Crime will go up as the monies needed to buy drugs and booze will need to be taken care off, even though the price of booze will be going up to try and stop people buying cheap booze in the supermarkets.  Shoplifting will increase while the number of shops decrease.  There are loads of hair dressing shops and café’s here.  All the mobile phone companies have got there stores here.

They say we will not feel the 40% cuts in the national health.  Take 40% away from our local hospital and you won’t have a lot left.  Cutting staff levels doesn’t work; they end up hiring agency nurses which costs more.

It could be seen as a mistake to have voted for the Heinz 57 party to govern us at this time.  Time will tell.  Remember what happened last time.  This time; there are no more family jewels to sale.

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Look? What we have left for our Children

Prophecy: to predict the future.

It would be good if we could see into the future, but, then there wouldn’t be things like book makers, lottery or  football pools.  (Remember them; they are still going).  So what will happen in the future?  A good question you might ask.  Well I for one can’t tell you or I would be a rich men now.

We have to look at what is going on all around us and maybe we can have an educated guess to what our future foretells.  You could go and have your Tarot Cards or palms read, but what will they tell you, assuming you find someone who can more than claim to foretell your future this way.

If you are around my age then your life-like mine is pretty well mapped out and we are starting our slippery road to our alternate life. (What ever that means ). What will happen around us will not really have much of an impact on our short existence that remains. That is unless this wonderful government (which I didn’t vote for: it didn’t take a psychic to see what will happen when they took over) bleed us all dry. But lets not go there…yet…lol

We see all the doom and gloom programs on the Discovery channels, some shows are now shown on main stream channels as well these days, so we are aware that the worst doom and gloom prediction is Global Warming.  Yes that old chestnut. but, have you really sat and thought what it will mean to our children and their children.  You know the ones that come round at the weekend and cause riots.

They say that the water levels globally will rise with all the ice that’s melting.

Well it doesn’t take a genius to work that one out.  But they can’t agree at what level this rise will take.  Some say a couple of feet while others say up to 15 meters (what ever that is)  I think it depends on who is paying the boffins their wages.  All this is due to happen somewhere around 2050.  I don’t think we will wake up one morning to find the beach has moved to our back garden on Jan 1 2050.  I wouldn’t recommend using the London underground in a few years time, unless you wear a driving suit.

No, it’s the legacy that the world will give our children and children’s children that I am trying to high-light here.   What will it mean to them.  Will it bring world starvation, world wars, ironically enough, a water shortage in parts of the world?   Will it pull counties together or, more likely, cause world wars?  Will strong governments help the weaker ones or just ignore them?

I ask these questions in the hope that someone out there has the answers.  Please if you do let me have next weeks lotto numbers too.

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Death in the family

It is with regret that I have to tell you about the passing of my opposite number:Raymond (Ray) Fear, who was taken peacefully from us after a short stay in hospital last Sunday night.
Grand father to our grand kids and father-in-law to our daughter and father to our son-in-law. Both my wife and myself send the family our consonances for their sad loss of a very well liked man, who will be lost but not forgotten.